welcome to maxima

Maxima is a boutique Australian aquaculture company specialising in the production of Australian South Sea Pearls and recently, an exciting new joint venture with Pilbara Development Commission and Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation to develop an edible rock oyster industry near its Pilbara pearling lease in Flying Foam Passage.

Having 30 years’ experience operating in remote marine tidal environments, Maxima has developed specialist marine skills in the areas of:

  • assessing optimal aquaculture grow out sites
  • remote asset management
  • techniques for anchoring surface and below-surface longline and sea cage grow-out systems
  • bivalve shell and fish husbandry management
  • traditional owner consultation and submission procedures.

The Maxima team skills cover many facets of the aquaculture industry;

  • Maritime engineering
  • Pearl Technician
  • Aquaculture management and husbandry
  • Fish hatchery and algal production
  • Aquaculture finance planning and analysis
  • Brand marketing and go to market brand tool development
  • Corporate governance.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement

OYSTER FARM R&D from City of Karratha on Vimeo.

Edible Rock Oysters