about maxima pearling

Maxima Pearling Company is known globally for the production of high quality Cone Bay Australian South Sea Pearls and pearling by-products.

Maxima’s Cone Bay pearls are highly sought at auction by major wholesalers and jewellery designers. The signature product being white, fine lustre, round and drop shapes with pink hues.

Founded in the 1980’s Maxima’s vision is to be innovative and maintain the highest standards in pearl shell diving and pearl farming practices.

Throughout the 1990’s Maxima’s investment in hatchery technology and spat grow out meant that it became a leading supplier of hatchery produced pearl shell spat to other Australian pearl producing companies who sought to increase their production.

In the late 1990’s global pressure on pearl prices saw the amalgamation and consolidation of Pearling companies.  Maxima Pearling Company continued to expand its operation by the acquisition of other companies,  increasing its wild harvest shell quota and the number of pearling lease sites.  It became the third largest producer of Australian South Sea Pearls in the early 2000’s.

Today, Maxima continues to farm pearls in Cone Bay and is conducting research and development to increase productivity and continue to improve the quality of the pearls it produces.  Currently, its pearls are sold to top end markets where the highest prices can be achieved.

Maxima’s continued commitment, innovation and investment in aquaculture has created opportunities to diversify production into other species. In the 2000’s whilst continuing to operate the pearling business the Maxima Group of companies diversified into Black Tiger Prawn production and barramundi farming.  The Maxima Group of companies continues to be a major investor in Marine Produce Australia and the Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project.

In 2017, Maxima in collaboration with the Pilbara Development Commission identified rock oysters as an opportunity to develop an industry using its existing pearling leases in the Pilbara and Kimberley.  Maxima successfully applied for a Research and Development grant to undertake a pilot project producing rock oysters.  While the R&D is in the early stages results to date look positive and Maxima is very well positioned to develop an edible oyster industry in north west Western Australia.


Corporate Directory

Denise Hutton (Director)

Denise is a Director of Maxima Pearling Co., with extensive experience in retail sales and marketing having owned and operated Pearl Fishers Jewellery Gallery and Pearl Wholesalers Australia in Broome WA. Denise has successfully directed Broome’s largest community Festival “Shinju Matsuri”, Kimberley Performing Arts Council and Broome’s National Pearl Jewellery Design Awards in the mid 1990’s and 2000’s.

Melanie Carrington (Director)

Melanie is a Director of Maxima Pearling Co and one of the very few Australian born Pearl technicians that were trained by the Japanese (world leaders) in the art of seeding and harvesting pearl shell.  She now has over 15 years’ experience in round pearl and half pearl operations.

Currently she  seeds and harvests pearl shell for Maxima Pearling Company and is also independently contracted to the Autore Group.  Melanie’s skills include management of pearl farm shell cleaning teams and experience in the monitoring of Pearl Farming husbandry practice.

Melanie recently graduated from the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program.

Peter Carrington (General Manager)

Peter is a highly qualified vessel master and is also a qualified Fitter and Turner.   Peter joined Maxima as a professional Pearl Diver in 1991.  During his career with Maxima Pearling Company he has been the Farm Manager and Chief Engineer of Maxima’s Pearling operations at Cone Bay.  He currently manages Maxima Pearling’s assets and infrastructure in the Pilbara and Kimberley.

Company Secretary: Alison Hutton

Group and Registered Office:
16 Jersey St, Jolimont, 6014,
Western Australia.

Operations and Site Office:
Turtle Island, Cone Bay,
via Derby Western Australia.

Post: PO Box 8311, Subiaco East, 6008

Email: admin@maximapearling.com

Web: www.maximapearling.com

Accountants: BDO (WA) Accountants, 38 Station Street, Subiaco, WA 6008


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